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Affordable Private School Education with Scholarships Offered to Every Student

Thanks to many generous, loyal grants and donors, Red Bird Christian School is equipped to offer every student a significant scholarship toward tuition.  This opportunity gives every student an academically excellent, Christian education, no matter the financial situation. 

With tuition as little as $10 per month*, Red Bird Christian is a private PK-12 school that serves the
tri-county (Bell, Clay, Leslie) region of Kentucky while also reaching out to other counties, states and countries through its Dormitory Program.

*Tuition is set based upon family size and income. See chart.



 Complete Application



Documents such as copies of birth certificates and immunization records will be collected.




Let's get to know each other! Come see us for a tour or talk with us virtually.


15420 South Hwy 66 
Beverly, KY 409




Learn how we do things on campus and connect with other families and students

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Students accepted into both programs must demonstrate a desire to:


Succeed in college 

preparatory curriculum

Seek a closer relationship to the Lord

Develop Christian leadership skills

Foster a spirit of service

All requested materials must be received before an application will be processed.  An interview, references, and previous academic work combine to give the selection committee the information needed to make admission decisions.

Extra considerations are given to students who live in Southeastern Kentucky and the surrounding areas of Appalachia and to students who are feeling called into ministry, missionary service, or church service. We also seek diversity, so we solicit applicants from Kentucky, the rest of the United States, and the World.

All children are precious in God’s eyes, RBCS recognizes its limitations of service to those who have severe emotional or behavioral problems/needs, struggles with addictions, or severe physical limitations.  Accommodations are in place for mild physical impairments and can be discussed further during the interview. Contact Guidance Counselor, Melanie Adams for more information.

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