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Early Childhood Development

Our Daycare is made up of multiple rooms caring for newborns, one year olds, and two year olds under the supervision of trained, caring staff.  Once children reach three years old, they move to the Preschool program. Our daycare is open 8 AM - 4:30 PM, Monday-Friday with financial assistance available based on income.

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Providing quality childcare for our Red Bird Valley service area
including Bell, Clay, Leslie counties in KY

We believe in the value of human diversity and the fair treatment of all people. Our values and beliefs about children are deeply rooted in the history of Early Childhood Education. We believe all children have the right to feel good about themselves and it is the responsibility of all teachers to nurture the child’s self esteem.

To see the preschool facilities or request information about the program, email Director, Allison Gray:

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